30 Aug

Civic and Social Innovation Group @ Cal State LA

The new semester has begun and over 200 students are digging in to the hard work of community-based social impact with the Civic and Social Innovation Group. We just launched research projects to learn from our neighbors, colleagues, and families who are facing down issues from racial prejudice to gentrification, from economic opportunity to health care access.

The Civic & Social Entrepreneurship Summits have been amazing, but they’re just the beginning. The Rooted Innovation Incubator will help a cohort of students go beyond the #entrepreneurial phase of ideation. The Social Innovation Prize competition financially supports students with groundbreaking #ideas that can #makeadifference. The Social Impact Career Fair gives students the opportunity to connect with up and running organizations that #dogood. Stay tuned on social media, much more to come from CaSIG:


05 Aug

Solution Bank: Culture & Emotion

A few models for engagement with culture and emotion – useful for courses but also as a start for grappling with the question of how to intervene in culture:

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01 Aug

Solution Bank: Class & Inequality

A few models for engagement with inequalities of class – useful for courses but also as a start for grappling with the question of how to make lasting change:

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19 Jul

Social Innovation in Political Science: CaSES Spring 2018

This year’s CaSES was a packed week of events bringing together over 200 students, families, local residents, practitioners, and researchers to discuss innovative proposals to advance social justice. The presentations below come from Political Science events where students engaged local government and policy advocacy alongside community-based civic entrepreneurs to address wicked problems in their communities.

Summit Presentations Political Science: Dr. Marla Parker

Summit Presentations Political Science: Dr. Jessica DeShazo

25 May

CaSES Sociology Summit: Research to Action

This year’s CaSES Summit featured the work of over 200 students in 6 courses – a week of innovative student ideas for social change. Thanks to all the professors, visitors, and most of all the students who brought this event to life with their insight, research, creativity, and commitment to social justice.

Each team from Sociology advanced a strategy for change based on qualitative and quantitative research and deep engagement with their own communities; many engaged local leaders in their neighborhoods to design and refine their proposals. They tackled issues including gentrification and neighborhood change, wage gaps, educational inequality, media representations, and more.

This is sociology in action: these ideas were created to be shared, and many students are now working on implementing their proposals. Please read below their original presentations, strategy proposals, and pictures from the event and reach out if you want to help them take their ideas forward.

Summit Presentations: Cultural Emotions

Summit Presentations: Race, Class, and Gender