December 10, 2020

Supporting Student Parents: Launching a New Movement

Many of the most hard-working students at CSULA are those with children, otherwise known as “student-parents”. Balancing education and raising a family is difficult, the current system that supports them is not as consistent as student-parents hoped. If you’re interested please email Jared Mandap at (mandapjared at for more information!

We need to generate more opportunities and resources for student-parents. Creating a space for student-parents to come and socialize with one another giving support and being able to connect with someone with similar struggles. Talk about scholarships and finding ways to provide them with grants and access to resources they lack.

We want to become another great organization in the community of CSULA that can be sustainable for future and returning student-parents This would be a great opportunity to create social change and become more engaged on campus and experience you can add to your resume. We would like to invite all “student-parents” AND those interested in supporting this population to join this student-led organization. We are hoping to launch and create this amazing organization entering the Spring 2021 semester.

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