Rooted Innovation

Supporting creative grassroots interventions for meaningful social change

Rooted Innovation

Supporting creative grassroots interventions for meaningful social change

Personal Work – Consulting

Personal Work

This site is here to highlight and support the work of a wide range of partners but mostly organized by Dmitri Seals: I am a cultural sociologist of inequality focusing on how differences of race, class, and gender intersect and impact life outcomes. My passion is for community-led, research-based social justice work that equips people to analyze the problems that face them, design their own interventions, and follow through to secure lasting change.
As a scholar, I pursue intersectional mixed-methods research that supports a practical program of social justice and inclusion. As a professor, I work with colleagues at Cal State LA to build models that increase motivation and content learning by connecting social research to practical action. In my practical work, I support movements and organizations committed to building community leadership to equalize cultural, economic, and political power.

I am co-founder and past Executive Director of BAUDL and SVUDL and a co-founder of CaSIG.
I have found myself both a critic of the nonprofit industrial complex
and an advocate who has raised millions for causes I believe in –
because life is complex! I’m also a proud papa, husband, musician, school volunteer, and neighbor. For more info, explore below.







Drawing from my years as an Executive Director of two successful nonprofits, I support community organizations with skilled volunteer work and low-cost consulting to build capacity and independence. I can give support across the organization, but there are three areas where I’m in a unique position to contribute:

  • Strategy & Logistics. I work with nonprofit leaders to build strong and representative governing boards, balance the interests of community stakeholders in strategic planning, and put in place strong systems for reporting and compliance so they can focus on mission.
  • Fundraising. Having raised $3 million from a diverse mix of foundations and individuals, I work to bring funding strategies to life with language, statistics, stories, and concrete relationship-building steps tailored to create strong relationships between donors and organizations.
  • Evaluation. I work to resolve the classic tension between the two functions of data – evaluating and refining the program v. generating statistics and stories – by creating robust and rigorous data systems that generate inspirational metrics and messaging organically.

In my years leading nonprofits, I had plenty of experience hiring consultants who string nonprofits along without adding real value. That’s not how I work: my commitment is to build capacity and deliver concrete tools and resources for the long term.