May 15, 2019

CaSIS Summit on Intersectional Inequality

On Wednesday, May 15, a group of Cal State LA students gathered to advocate strategies to address inequalities of race, class, and gender rooted in months of research. Their plans analyzed gentrification, education equity, prisons, and immigration at the local level in the context of national and global forces. In front of an audience of campus and community leaders, these students charted paths from local, practical interventions to macro change.

Their proposals drew on months of study including original qualitative and quantitative research on top of scholarly readings. These scholars completed midterms, final exams, and then wove the insights and concepts from their research into practical proposals for change, showing that scholarly learning and applied advocacy are not zero sum.

Thanks to all the community and campus partners who showed up to support these proposals for change – and most of all to the students who worked so hard to bring their ideas to light. All their work is below:

Summit Presentations: Race, Class, and Gender

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